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Transparent Reporters at The Monitor

The Monitor, a Texas newspaper, is asking their reporters to take a step back from the screen and become more visible. In an article by Jeff Sonderman on the Poynter site, staff are now attaching Twitter contact info, in their printed edition, under their byline. They are also including their Facebook, phone and email information … Continue reading

Poynter without Romenesko.

In an odd list of events, Jim Romensko, the famed aggregator for the Poynter site, retired early this morning after accusations arose that his posts contained verbatim sentences from the sources he attributed. An article on the site details the unfolding of events. The allegations arose after Julie Moos, the Poynter Online Director was contacted … Continue reading

Andy Rooney of ’60 Minutes’

Andy Rooney, a staple in CBS Sunday Morning special and 60 Minutes for 33 years, died this past Friday. He was 92 years old. Waking up every Sunday morning and watch CBS was a staple in my house for many year. And it was one of the shows that inspired me to be a journalist … Continue reading

Is GPS Tracking Lawful?

The struggle between updating 18th century laws (The Constitution) to apply to the growing digital age has yet again faced another match: GPS Tracking. With the availability of GPS Tracking available on smart phones including the iPhone app “Find my Friends.” This app is also under fire after it was used by a man to … Continue reading

Technology is apart of our OS

I stumbled on this picture on my friends Tumblr page. The almighty Spiderman is no match for the bond and love most of us have with our mobile devices. This video is funny but also is kind of sad. It shows a bride, on her wedding day at the altar texting! I couldn’t believe it … Continue reading

Google pushes GoMo Project

In an initiative to go back to their Web roots, Google is pushing their GoMo Project. It’s goal is simple: to help website owners’ pages become more user friendly on mobile devices. An article found in Paid Content helps detail the importance of GoMo. If you have a smart phone it’s general knowledge that some … Continue reading

Who knew?

I often visit Yahoo for my daily dose to finding quick news updates, cool studies, and interesting pictures. I often visit their site “Who Knew?” It’s a section of videos that present unknown facts about any topic you can think of . These topics can range from World’s most expensive pair of jeans to the history of … Continue reading

Can Google Real-Time Analytics help critics of web video?

An article on the Poynter site discussed another phenomenon brought to you by Google: their Google Analytics Real Time service. This service is geared to website owners that want to keep up, in real time, the data and traffic on their webpages and what it all means for their site. As we all know the news cycle shows no … Continue reading

Author’s Can’t be Sued for Linking to Libelous Material

A ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court stated that author’s of blogs cannot be sued for hyperlinking libelous material. The article mentions that according to this ruling a third party blogger cannot be sued for hyperlinking material deemed offensive or defamatory. This is a result of a case where a blogger was in question for linking … Continue reading

Examiner.com caught plagiarizing–are other hyper local sites safe?

Examiner.com is hyper local site that collates local news from amateur journalists worldwide. Their About Us site explains that using the word “examiner” describe their reporters as people “from all walks of life and contribute original content to entertain, inform, and inspire.” But a huge snafu questions the credibility of the site. Missoulian reports that two “examiners” … Continue reading