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Facebook comments mean more reads

Edge Rank Checker, is a site that gives advice to users of Facebook that want to maximize the effect and importance of clicks on their posts. This site is mainly targeted at business owners, journalists and even musicians that want to garner more interest on their Facebook pages.

In an article posted on the Poynter site explains that in a new study, done by Edge Rank Checker, if journalists encourage more comments on their stories it can increase the visiblity of their story.

The article states that, “an average link posted to Facebook received about 3 clicks for each ‘like,’ but almost 15 clicks for each comment posted.” This translates into the idea that the more followers comment on a post, the more it is able to reach others that are willing to click on it also.

The analysis on the Edge Rank Checker analyzes the relationship between “Clicks and Shares.” A like on a post only generates approximately 3.1 clicks. Whereas, for every comment ¬†approximately 14.678 clicks on the post.

This evidence does wonders for a journalists’ work on Facebook. Comments on a post can causes more shares which brings more readers to their work. By using Edge Rank Checker’s evidence can spark more journalists’ to encourage more commenting on their work and serves as a catalyst for more interaction with their readers.



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