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Is GPS Tracking Lawful?

The struggle between updating 18th century laws (The Constitution) to apply to the growing digital age has yet again faced another match: GPS Tracking. With the availability of GPS Tracking available on smart phones including the iPhone app “Find my Friends.” This app is also under fire after it was used by a man to track the whereabouts of wife. The app showed that she was at a different location than what she told her husband; the man is now filing for a divorce. But the general question is is this lawful? Should people be able to track someones where about without their knowledge?

In an article by Paid Content, it describes the proceedings of a recent Supreme Court case that ruled that unlawful GPS tracking is well…unlawful. The case involved a drug dealer that was convicted after police investigators equipped his car with an unwarranted GPS tracking device.

The Supreme Court deemed this a violation of his Fourth Amendment rights and the case was thrown out. But the Fourth Amendment can only be used in cases involving the government. Therefore Facebook. Twitter or other social media sites are constitutionally protected.

But is the use of apps such as “Find my Friends” constitutionally. I think that sometimes these apps can be used and abused if it fell into the hands of the wrong person. If I was somewhere, more than likely in a legal place, I don’t want my friends being able to track where I am. It’s almost similar to when you write your personal information on a survey sheet an a person with the info uses it for their own benefit, that’s illegal right?

I guess this is all a matter of the changing and evolving digital age that allows your life to be transparent, whether you approve or not.



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