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Andrew Heyward’s Visit

Andrew Heyward the former President of CBS News visited our journalism class today to discuss the evolution of the news cycle.

His presentation was nothing like a normal presentation. There were no slides, projections or handouts, Just an interactive session with one of the most talented in the business. I must admit that this was one of the many presentations that I actually paid attention to and felt apart of.

He explained to us that the new news ecosystem is one that is catered to the use and misuse of social networking. He broke down the vital aspects of news such as commodity (news is available to you whenever you want it), content/choice and the readers experience. He made it a point to say that all of these factors and more had an influence on readership and reader loyalty.

I liked how he made it easier to understand the principles of reader and brand loyalty. Essentially it is broken down into two factors: scarcity and ubiquity. Scarcity describes what the news model was pre-social networks. It explains that since there was only a few new sources disseminating news, it was easier for these organizations to charge for it because it wasn’t readily available. But with the introduction of Twitter and Facebook this system drastically changed. Ubiquity describes an over saturation of news making it readily available wherever and whenever, regardless of accuracy.

This is something that really stuck out at me during his talk. I thoroughly enjoyed that he wanted to make us and our experiences as much apart of the talk as possible. Heyward left us with three questions that I think every journalist should remember throughout their career. Who’s the it for? (who is your target audience) “What are you, as a provider, doing to stand out” and “how is it creating value for your customer?”

I think that encompasses what our professors have been trying to embed in us throughout our time in Stony.

Thanks Heyward.



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