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Newspapers aren’t spending enough on advertising

Charles Apple, a blogger on the Poynter site, posted a blog about the lack of money invested into newspapers advertising for themselves. Apple cited a blog posting from David Higgerson, the head of Trinity Mirror Regional adn avid blogger, who tweeted, “#soe11 newspapers need to spend more on advertising. Coca Cola spends 14% of revenue on advertising, … Continue reading

Facebook breaths new life into old stories

A post written by Jeff Sondeman on the Poynter site, reveals that old stories are getting revived thanks to Facebook’s “frictionless sharing.” “Frictionless sharing” is the idea that when a person clicks a link to a story, whether it be a recent update or a story from 4 years ago, the link gets automatically updated to … Continue reading

The future of keyboards

This cool video shows the future of keyboards. I found this video on a Cnet post and thought it would be awesome to share with you all. The EXOdesk is modeled after Microsoft Surface but is a lot cheaper and affordable. The Matrix style keyboard is 40 in and sits right in front of your computers monitor. … Continue reading

Spot.us Presentation

In class this Tuesday, a student in our class did a website analysis on the Spot.us site. (I may be a little slow but I just figured out what the sites’ domain name means. Pretty clever) Anyway, I think this site is really cool. It allows readers in the Bay Area of California choose which … Continue reading

Truth Googles-The future of Fact Checking

A graduate student at MIT is writing software that can fact check sentences in an article, similar to spell check says an article written on NiemanLab.org. The software is being developed by Dan Schultz, a graduate student at the MIT Media Lab. The software will cut out all the necessary time and effort in Googling … Continue reading

Facebook comments mean more reads

Edge Rank Checker, is a site that gives advice to users of Facebook that want to maximize the effect and importance of clicks on their posts. This site is mainly targeted at business owners, journalists and even musicians that want to garner more interest on their Facebook pages. In an article posted on the Poynter … Continue reading

Albany Times Isn’t Paying Up

In a post by Mediabistro, The Albany Times owes $600,00 in back wages to 11 employees that were laid off in August 2010. The Albany Times-Union reports that not paying these wages is illegal and will continue to fight for the wages to be paid. One of the salaries owed to a former employee amounts … Continue reading

Transparent Reporters at The Monitor

The Monitor, a Texas newspaper, is asking their reporters to take a step back from the screen and become more visible. In an article by Jeff Sonderman on the Poynter site, staff are now attaching Twitter contact info, in their printed edition, under their byline. They are also including their Facebook, phone and email information … Continue reading

Poynter without Romenesko.

In an odd list of events, Jim Romensko, the famed aggregator for the Poynter site, retired early this morning after accusations arose that his posts contained verbatim sentences from the sources he attributed. An article on the site details the unfolding of events. The allegations arose after Julie Moos, the Poynter Online Director was contacted … Continue reading

Andy Rooney of ’60 Minutes’

Andy Rooney, a staple in CBS Sunday Morning special and 60 Minutes for 33 years, died this past Friday. He was 92 years old. Waking up every Sunday morning and watch CBS was a staple in my house for many year. And it was one of the shows that inspired me to be a journalist … Continue reading