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Who knew?

I often visit Yahoo for my daily dose to finding quick news updates, cool studies, and interesting pictures. I often visit their site “Who Knew?” It’s a section of videos that present unknown facts about any topic you can think of . These topics can range from World’s most expensive pair of jeans to the history of board games. The information they present is different and most of the time, out of the ordinary. I often bring these facts up when talking with friends, and saying “Did ya know…” I mean who doesn’t like to be the outlet for funny and nonmainstream facts?

Here are a few videos I think some of my JRN 301 classmates would find interesting.

Interest rates…because we all love talking about business models in class right?

Which journalism student doesn’t like the use of strange words and their definitions? Check out this video.

Idioms- figures of speech. Journalism students are always warned to stay away from these cliche sayings.

And finally one about Anderson Cooper…

Hope you all enjoyed it !





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