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Response to Prof. Selvin’s Post

I do agree with Professor Selvin’s post to some extent . Being a digital native I’m always looking for some sort of multimedia whether it be pictures or video when I click on a story to read. Having such easy access to play videos from my iPhone, I figured if I paid this much money to get good quality resolution I might as well use it for all it’s worth.

But I do feel that it is important for newspaper sites to focus on what their purpose it: producing quality content that provides the full story. So I think if journalists are pressured to have good video along with equally good facts for a written story, something is going to be neglected.

I think that in order to draw in new readers, like myself, to visit a site video is necessary but not the only way to keep us coming back. New journalists appreciate a well written story and multimedia but sacrificing one for the other isn’t a great way to do it.



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