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Who knew?

I often visit Yahoo for my daily dose to finding quick news updates, cool studies, and interesting pictures. I often visit their site “Who Knew?” It’s a section of videos that present unknown facts about any topic you can think of . These topics can range from World’s most expensive pair of jeans to the history of … Continue reading

Can Google Real-Time Analytics help critics of web video?

An article on the Poynter site discussed another phenomenon brought to you by Google: their Google Analytics Real Time service. This service is geared to website owners that want to keep up, in real time, the data and traffic on their webpages and what it all means for their site. As we all know the news cycle shows no … Continue reading

Author’s Can’t be Sued for Linking to Libelous Material

A ruling by the Canadian Supreme Court stated that author’s of blogs cannot be sued for hyperlinking libelous material. The article mentions that according to this ruling a third party blogger cannot be sued for hyperlinking material deemed offensive or defamatory. This is a result of a case where a blogger was in question for linking … Continue reading

Response to Prof. Selvin’s Post

I do agree with Professor Selvin’s post to some extent . Being a digital native I’m always looking for some sort of multimedia whether it be pictures or video when I click on a story to read. Having such easy access to play videos from my iPhone, I figured if I paid this much money … Continue reading

Examiner.com caught plagiarizing–are other hyper local sites safe?

Examiner.com is hyper local site that collates local news from amateur journalists worldwide. Their About Us site explains that using the word “examiner” describe their reporters as people “from all walks of life and contribute original content to entertain, inform, and inspire.” But a huge snafu questions the credibility of the site. Missoulian reports that two “examiners” … Continue reading

Patch Cuts Back while other Hyperlocal Sites are Trying to cash in

AOL’s Patch Network, a national brand that delivers news through area based freelance writers, are making drastic cut backs to turn over profits. In an effort to make up for loosing $40 million in the first quarter, the site’s President Warren Webster, said that making these cuts was always in the sites plan but will … Continue reading