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Look at all those Macs!

The Missouri School of Journalism has proven that their method of teaching results in 90% of their graduates, from the last three graduating, classes were hired at journalism advertising and PR jobs. The Missouri school of journalism is known for their “learn by doing method” and stands as one of the best journalism schools in the country. Along with this and their faith in Apple, the MacBook has proven to be a staple in their curriculum and helps foster some of the greatest journalists.

(Watch the video below)

Similar to Stony Brook, the Missouri SOJ values the “learn by doing” method as this is imperative to become a good and trusted journalist. I mean, what other major do you know that is only interested in the constant practice of what you will actually do in the field? Only thing I can think of is journalism. But that could that be a result of me being trained by the Stony SOJ for so long.

I find it pretty interesting and downright amazing how the Missouri SOJ, urged each of their students to purchase a Mac Book. After purchasing my MacBook over the summer and being christened into the Apple world, I find it very hard to turn back to PC. Because of this purchase my MackBook forces me want to learn more about Final Cut Pro, blogging sites and other cool programs just so I can spend quality time with my Mac. I’m also looking into learning HTML and other web lingo to make myself valuable in the newsroom. (Apparent result of JRN 310 lessons)

I thought this video was so cool and looking at a room full of MacBooks is enough to make any journalism student shed tears of joy.

Thanks Apple.

Learn more about Final Cut Pro

via Apple – Missouri School of Profile.



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