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Calling the beginning of a story a ‘lede’ is just another form of nostalgia.

On Sunday September 18th, Jay Rosen, a journalism professor at NYU sent out a tweet marking a debate about why journalists use ‘lede’ to describe the start of a story. In an article written by Steve Myers on the Poynter site, gives some insight as to why this “journo jargon” is still used and provokes … Continue reading

Look at all those Macs!

The Missouri School of Journalism has proven that their method of teaching results in 90% of their graduates, from the last three graduating, classes were hired at journalism advertising and PR jobs. The Missouri school of journalism is known for their “learn by doing method” and stands as one of the best journalism schools in … Continue reading

Washington Post publisher Weymouth sees new media as ‘them,’ not ‘us’ | Poynter.

Washington Post publisher Weymouth sees new media as ‘them,’ not ‘us’ | Poynter..

10 Years…

For my first blog post I thought it would only be right for it to be dedicated to September 11th (especially since my professor asked us to have these blogs ready by today, it worked out quite well). But I didn’t want to do a post that just spoke solely about my experience on this … Continue reading