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Newspapers aren’t spending enough on advertising

Charles Apple, a blogger on the Poynter site, posted a blog about the lack of money invested into newspapers advertising for themselves.

Apple cited a blog posting from David Higgerson, the head of¬†Trinity Mirror Regional adn avid blogger, who tweeted, “#soe11¬†newspapers need to spend more on advertising. Coca Cola spends 14% of revenue on advertising, newspapers less than 1%.”

This is a very interesting posting because you would think that since most newspapers generate revenue from advertisements they would be able to advertise for their own business. Clearly this isn’t the case since only less that 1% percent advertise for their companies.

In class we often discuss the cycle of adverising. Over the first half of the 21st century revenue was generated from sales generated by ads. The news side is to please the readers and give them aesthetically pleasing ads. The business side is to please the advertisers by creating revenue.

Because of this there are different types of consumers. There are the ad consumers that have already built up their brand loyalty and are unlikely to change what they buy. These consumers are mostly older people who are set in their ways about what they buy. Then you have the younger generation that is interested in what new products out and are willing to try. These are the types of consumers that advertisers are trying to reach and brand.

But I think that newspapers sometimes forget that they are a brand and a business. Although many papers rely on the loyalty of their frequet consumers, it is imperative that they reach out and try to brand new readers.

I mean afterall, what happens when all these loyal consumers die?

Newspapers should continue to think of themselves as a product and a product that wants to gain new and loyal readers. Therefore, continuing to brand their product and what they can offer can attract new readers that might stick around for a while.

Because only having 1% of newspapers that advertise is just sad.